Quilt vs Comforter – Which is Better?

Comforters and quilts – what’s the difference?

You are gonna find out in the article.

I’m gonna talk about the construction of each type of bedding, the similarities the differences and who should get one over the other.

Let’s get started.


Over the years you’ve probably seen quilts either at your grandmother’s house, maybe even a museum. A lot of quilts in the old style are gonna be patchwork and have a really interesting design. Most of those were handmade, but now they’re made by machine and factories.

You can find them online or even at the store. Now what’s interesting about quilts is they have three layers.

Let’s talk about those.

Top layers probably gonna be something like cotton. The center is gonna be something like wool, faux wool or maybe even a thin layer down.

You can find a quilt that has only two layers, but imagine the layer on the top is also on the bottom, and they sew all the way through to keep it all together. It’s a thinner type of bedding you put over your other bedding on your bed, over your couch or even as a tablecloth.

Let’s talk about comforter. See top rated comforters.

I know a lot of you out there probably slept with a comforter, you might be using a comforter right now.

But what makes a comforter comforter? Let’s break it down.

A piece of fabric on top, running across the whole length of the comforter, same on the bottom. Then some sort of gridded stitching to hold the fill in place.

What’s the fill?

With a comforter it’s usually going to be down feathers or some type of down alternative. A comforter is usually a fluffier type of bedding. Very commonly used but it’s also interchangeably called duvet and comforter. In Europe mostly only called duvet. That’s a little bit confusing.

How do these two types of bedding compare, what are the similarities and what are the differences?

First off, in terms of similarity, you’re going to have some very similar constructions in both types of bedding. You might have cotton in the outer shell of both types of bedding.

Inside some type of down or maybe a little bit of wool as well. So similar in that respect.

But how are they different?

First off, just looking at these two types of bedding, the comforter and quilt, comforters are going to be thicker. They’re going to be fluffier than quilts in general.

It does depend on how much fill is in the comforter, but it’s a pretty standard comforter to be much taller then quilt.

Because of the extra fill, because of an extra fluff. In general, comforters are going to be warmer than quilt. Better for colder nights, better for the colder months.

Also comforters and quilts can be used in a couple of different ways.

Well with comforter is pretty much one way. Put it on your bed, use for warming up your bed, sleeping through the night.

Quilts on the other hand, especially if they’re a smaller size, you can also use them over your couch, you can also use them as a tablecloth and overall use them for your bed as well.

Then there are gonna be some slight design differences.


If you’re dealing with a sewn through comforter, pretty similar to what you’re gonna find with a quilt. It is sew all the way through to keep the fill inside. It’s gonna be more on the thinner side.

If you’re talking about a baffle box comforter, this gets very very different. The baffle box comforter have more of a cube for the actual fill to be inside. It fluffs up more, definitely makes for a fluffier type of comforter and very different from what you find with the quilts.

They also gonna have style differences.

Most people know the difference between a quilt and a comforter just looking at it. Because in general, comforters have more of subdued style. Most of them are plain white, but you can also get some with different colors and some designs as well.

But with the quilt, you can have more of that patchwork design, more of a crazy flamboyant design.

Who should get a quilt, who are quilts the best fit for?

First off I think quilts are a very good option for hot sleepers, because in general quilts are going to be thinner than comforters. They’re gonna sleep a little bit cooler than comforter. So if you overheat at night, I would definitely take a look at a quilt.

Also if you want something that is going to add a different look to your bed, very quickly, a quilt can definitely do that for you.

Due to their wilder design, you could add it to your bed for a very different look, whether it’s rustic or more vintage.

And then last but not least, if you want something that’s going to be good for a layered look, I would also go with a quilt, because a quilt pairs very well with a comforter actually. So to add more of a layered look to your bedding, definitely take a look at a quilt.

So who should get a comforter, who is a comforter the best fit for?

First off, if you want something to keep you warm at night, a comforter is definitely a better option than a quilt. So if you’re a cold sleeper and you want something for colder nights or the colder months, I would go with a comforter.

Also if you want something that is fluffier, with more loft, you want more that cloud-like experience, a comforter is also the better bet for you.

In general, comforters are going to be thicker and fluffier than quilts.

Last but not least, if you want something you can use by itself, I would also go with a comforter, where with the quilt you have to pair it up with a comforter or more quilts to get enough warmth. With a comforter you use it just by itself.

At this point you should know the differences between quilts and comforters.

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