We have conducted over 80 hours of research to find the best bed sheets. We analyzed and compared the bed sheets on price, quality and customer service.

We also looked at important features like ply, weave and thread count to name a few.

These are superb antimicrobial bed sheets.

Here are the results.

In our quest to find the perfect or the best bed sheets we’ve done a lot of testing. We’ve tested a lot of these sheets and instead of recommending a specific product, this review is going to be a little bit different.

We reviewed multiple types of sheets and we have a recommendation and then a warning and then another recommendation.

So the best bed sheets out there, without a doubt, simply the best bed sheets you can buy are 100% Egyptian cotton.

And the ones that were the most comfortable that we tested is one thousand thread count.

Now these are expensive sheets. They’re expensive because they’re very thick, they’re very durable, they don’t make you hot and they’re just really comfortable sheets.

If you don’t have a set, instead of buying some cheap sheets or inexpensive sheets, save up, get some Egyptian cotton, 1000 thread count sheets. You will thank yourself.

The thing is you got to make sure that you’re buying 100% Egyptian cotton.


If you look on Amazon you’re going to see a lot of bed sheets out there that say Egyptian Quality, but they don’t say 100% Egyptian cotton. It’s just a marketing tactic.

If you’re looking at sheets for 30 or 40 dollars and they say Egyptian, they’re probably not Egyptian cotton, because Egyptian cotton sheets are going to be close to $100.

And if you get a thousand thread count, they’re going to be probably close to $150, even up to $200. And you can get 1,500 thread count at that $200 price point too.

Hands-down Egyptian cotton. Make sure that you’re getting actual Egyptian cotton and not Egyptian quality or something else.

We also want to talk about some sheets that are all over Amazon and we’ve tested plenty of these and they’re called microfiber sheets.

It’s a little misleading because a lot of them say 1500 series or 1800 series. A lot of people think that that 1800 or 1500 is the thread count, which is not true. They’re only like 200 thread count and if you look at these microfiber sheets and you just put them side-by-side to an Egyptian cotton sheet, it is night and day difference.

You probably need to fold over that microfiber sheet about 6 or 7 times before it reaches the thickness of that Egyptian cotton sheet.

They are soft sheets but they’re very lightweight, but they have just an odd feeling. We just never get comfortable in these sheets. We don’t know why and we’ve tried multiple brands and we are sure they’re all coming from a similar factory being produced.

They’re all pretty much the same.

We just feel they’re like soft wax paper. It just has a weird feeling to it. Be careful when you buy these. Know that they are cheap sheets.

We’ve noticed that a lot of them come up with like little marks on them after a while, probably about 10 uses.

This one set that we bought on Amazon, it started where the feet were, it started getting little bumps in the sheet material. Just made it really uncomfortable.

They’re not going to last that long. They’re really cheap sheets.


If you’re on a tight budget and you want to spend 20 or 30 dollars on a set of sheets, these might be the sheets to get. If comfort isn’t a concern, maybe you can put these in a spare bedroom or something like that.

But overall stay away from the microfiber. They sound really appealing, it’s microfiber, it’s super soft and everything else, but just stay away.

We do not recommend them whatsoever.

Here are the other sheets that we recommend.

Flannel sheets are great. They’re perfect for the winter, because they are warmer, they do tend to hold in heat, so they’re great for the winter months and we always have a few pairs of flannel sheets on hand.

The next, for summer, if you don’t want to go the Egyptian cotton route, go for a T-Shirt or Jersey sheet.

It’s the same material as a Hanes t-shirt, it’s really comfortable, very comfortable sheets and they breathe, they don’t trap in a lot of heat, so you don’t get hot at night. They’re great sheets.

Like we said before, all Egyptian cotton sheets, make sure they’re 100% Egyptian cotton. Don’t be fooled by Egyptian quality and just know that you get what you pay for. You really do. When it comes to bed sheets, if you’re spending $30 or less, they’re going to be on the budget side, the sheets aren’t going to be that comfortable.

If you go up into like the $50 to $75 range, you’re going to start getting into 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, which are a lot more comfortable than the microfiber sheets.

You’re also going to get flannel sheets in this price range, some nice flannel sheets, some even t-shirt or Jersey sheets.

And then as you get over the hundred dollar price range, you’re going to be looking at the higher thread count Egyptian cotton.

So that’s the review. Hopefully that helped you out.

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