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Date Opponent Venue
Mountain Mist
Monmouth Tourney
Monmouth, NJ
NY All Japan
OFF-whore away boys!
Village Lions
White Plains
Away(New Haven)
Boston RFC
John Falatyn Memorial vs. Mid Hudson Old Dogs



Old Man of the Mountain(24th edition)


Seacoast/North Shore

Franconia, NH




Jojo Moore Tournament


White Plains

Peekskill, NY



Rhody Old Cocks
Block Island, RI
Semi-Annual Training
Mountain Mist

Rucking Regatta








Mystic River
GONY and Lion Kings
Randall’s Island, NY
New York Japan
Albany Knicks


2008 Connecticut Grey RFC Brown Bag Open Recap

By: Tony Johnson

Twenty-Six current and former Grey members assembled at Blackledge Golf Course on Friday, October 24 th for what is estimated to be the 14 th annual Brown Bag Open. To sum it up – what a beautiful day – a full slate of players, a great venue and probably the best weather we have had in many, many years, at least in the years I can remember. It was one of the best, if not the best outing we have ever had. My thanks to all of you who made the day so enjoyable and a pleasure to host. Also, thanks to Don Brancard who was instrumental in setting up the course and hosting the party at the Hebron Plantation (with the help of Patty). Now, there was quite a few good golf rounds played that day and a few that need not be mentioned as the time for a stroke by stroke commentary would leave many of us in tears or running for the razor blades. However, there was just enough good golf to reward and award the better groups with some fine silverware (or at least something that looks like silver). This was the first time we allowed for foursomes to be selected on your own and then handicapped the foursomes based on their make up of the good, the bad and the ugly (no, looks and appearance were not part of the criteria). Thankfully, there weren’t too many “bad” groups. This is the fourth or fifth time we have tried something different in scoring but I think we hit a home run. The groups played for low gross and the highest score based on a modified Stableford scoring system after factoring in the pre-determined group handicaps. Next year I might have to be a little less conservative with the handicapping.

2008 BBO Participants(minus the foursome of Roncaioli,Kosilla, McNamara and Annino who took 3 days to finish their round)

The results of the day are as follows: Longest Drive – Gerbil Deslauriers. Closest to the Pin #1 – Steve Tenenbaum Closest to the Pin #2 – Jeff Bouvier The low gross went to the team of Deslauriers, Kevin Trammel, Steve Carr and Jim Farrell with a score of 65 (7 under) The Stableford scoring winners were the group of Bill Bishop, Barry Rita, Brian Doheny and Jim Riordan (well – it would have included Jim Riordan) – with a gross 67 and a Stableford score of 28 The remaining foursomes and scores were as follows: Robinson, Jorgensen Bouvier, Langley – gross 75, Stableford Score 16 Bomber, Chabot, Brancard, Chicky – gross 72, Stableford Score 22 Beaver, Garrison, Merola, Kerr – gross 70, Stableford Score 19 Casciero, Seeger, Johnson – gross 67, Stableford Score 25 Ronco. McNamarra, Kosilla, Fino – DNF (yes, they just couldn’t find their card and it’s probably a good thing) Notable events were the failure to pick up the skill signs by the last group (probably spending too much time trying to get off the tee and had no idea what those tape measures were for on the green since they were no where close) and the removal of the longest drive sign before the fourth group passed the hole (a conniving way to confirm winning the longest drive by a Frenchman). Also implemented for the day was the Seegar curfew – no hitting the brown bag before the 10th hole and the Fino Annino Tee excavation rule – free hand toss once you have dug 1 foot trench of turf on the tee. Thanks, again to all for making this a very wonderful outing – and again, it doesn’t happen without all the Grey participants.

Grey 31 Albany 5

Another great team effort as we ended the season with a nice home victory.Special thanks to Bill Stimple,john Carew,Dennis Horrigan,Mike Meyer,John Leone,Brad Miller, JP,and assorted others for stepping up and playing for Albany.Your good attitude and sportsmanship is greatly appreciated.Thanks to Jeff Bouvier for officiating.He said he had fun and I think it was because players on both sides played hard and had good discipline.We were going up hill and into the wind in the firsthalf.Tom Kubic and John Kubic each scored a try to put us up 12-0 at half.We really picked it up in the last 20 minutes of the second half.Great job by the pack keeping it tight for a couple phases before spinning wide.Norbert Deslauriers had nice 30 meter run for the third try.Bob Coakley,Kevin Macnamara,Kevin Trammel,and Kevin O’Sullivan led the forwards.I am not sure if Darryl named a MOTM.My pick goes to Fino and Tim Foley who rucked well and produced quality ball for the Backs.Thanks to all players Old and New for their for the effort and timely communication this season.I would encourage everyone to make an effort to attend the AGM.It’s a good time and an opportunity to have some input into what we do as a Club 2009.

Grey 24   New York All-Japan 17

Great match played on a beautiful fall day. We truly needed 80 minutes to get this victory.Japan had the lead at half 12-3.We were one for three on penalty kicks and were unable to finish to score a try.The third 20 minutes is where most of the scoring took place.Japan went up 17-3 and it looked like youth would prevail.We kept attacking Kevin O’Sullivan scored the first try on  a 30 meter effort.He was all over the pitch and got the ball going forward all day.Ed Carr scored the second try as the ball came out of a scrum and he pounced on it for a try. After 60 minutes it was 17-17.  Both teams had chances to score.Then Joe Bordieri got a ball at the fly-half position and sliced through for a 30 meter run.Japan was not done as they had a five meter scrum. We wheeled and got the scrum and found touch for the win.Bob Coakley,Steve Annino,and Tim Foley did a great job in the forwards.John Kubic,Brian Doheny, and Jay Chabot played excellent in the backs.MOTM to Mike Hale.He tackled and dug lots ball out of the loose.Last match against Albany. The league season for DI is over and Albany should have a competitive side.Please make an effort to get to the pitch at 11:15. Let’s be ready to play and get some points early.

Grey 53 GONY/Lions 5

(Randalls Island, NY)  We scored eight tries, five conversions, and one penalty kick in 80 minutes against the New York city combo.We traveled with 27 players to notch our second victory in a row on the road. The action was fast on the artificial surface with a few of the ELV”s coming into play. Many times we were aggressive and went quick on a penalty and got the extra ten yards.We attempted some quick throw ins in the line-out which might not have been the best option, but it shows that we are aggresive and anxious to attack the other  team when they are not ready. A few times we opted for the scrum down on a penalty which gave us a good base to attack. George Saul, Mike Meyer, Kevin Trammel, Brendon Coffey, Ed Carr and Matt Leonard led a great forward attack. MOTM to Bob Coakley who scored a try and was around the pitch for  a big man. Mke Hale, Joe Bordieri, Norbert Deslauriers got the the ball moving in the backline. MOTM to Jay Chabot.  His usual great positional kicking along with  some great tackles and counter attacks kept the opponent outside of  our twenty-two. Again a great team effort.We were well disciplined verbally and the penalty count was low.We had some problems winning our ball in the line-out but give credit to the Lions jumper for an excellent job.

Grey 15 Mass Old Boys 0

Captain Lou’s match report

This was one of sweetest wins for the Grey in quite awhile. MOB had a strong side and they were quite a bit younger.We played at Pine banks a wide artificial turf pitch.The rain held off most of the match and so did the scoring. MOB came out strong and dominated territory and possession for the first 25 minutes.We had trouble taking care of the ball and made some stupid penalties. MOB had some long breaks but our team prevented them from scoring. Jeff Levison,Brian Doheny and Norbert Deslauriers chased down runners to make tackles.Tony Johnson and our other centers came up fast and hard and made some great tackles.Jay Chabot used his boot to gain territory and set up Jeff Levison for the first try in the 43rd minute. We had a Union referee who was a little green at controlling the breakdown.Players were killing ball and coming in from the side which caused both backlines to get poor ball.At about 35 minutes the referee called both captains aside.Both teams were frustrated and there was a lot of chatter.Once we shut are mouths and played the referee good things happened.We need to do this from the very start of every match.Early in the match we were getting pushed and wheeled in the sets.But our interior 5 stepped it up and we starting producing clean ball.Bob Coakley,Dean Jorgenson,Tom Flynn and Jon Leone worked in at props.Kevin Trammel, Tom Stauffer, Dave Kirk, and Brendon Coffey were at second row.These gentlemen raised their level of play and wanted it more than MOB. Great job by the lifters as Kevin Macnamara and Ed Carr produced some great attacking lineout ball. At the 50thminute Norbert put a kick up in front of the fullback and the ball bounced once and caught it and raced 40 meters for the second try making it 10-0.The third score was by Ed Carr off some good rucking close to the try line. Great team win with some different people stepping their game up to make big plays. MOTM to Brian Doheny for some great tackling and running.We are in New York next against Village Lions and GONY. We will get 80 minutes of Rugby. GONY wants to beat us bad. Who wants to step it up next week and get another couple victories on the road? It won’t be easy but the challenge is there if you want it.

(September 27, 2008) On a wet and humid Saturday, the Connecticut Grey traveled up the Mass Pike to take on the Mystic Old Boys at Pine Banks Park in Malden, MA. The teams agreed to play four fifteen minute periods, as each side had 25 or so ruggers who needed playing time. The substitutes were welcome…if you have been to the pitch up at Pine Banks you would understand why. It is a beautiful, field turf, REGULATION size pitch. It was a lot of ground for a bunch of old Boys to cover, but cover it they did coming away with a hard fought 15-0 victory. The first two periods were characterized by some sloppy play, missed opportunities by both sides, questionable refereeing and an incredible amount of whining. The Mystics missed a penalty kick late in the first period and the war of attrition continued in the second leaving the score at 0-0 after 30 minutes of battle. The third period went much the same way until Jay Chabot was able to pick off a Mystic pass and dish to ball wide to Jeff “Jewish Lightning” Levinson who barged over a couple of Mystic defenders for a try and a 5-0 Grey lead after three periods. After the restart of the forth, the Grey struck quickly. Ed Carr took the kick off, moved up field was tackled and presented clean ball to the Grey backs. John Kerr spun the ball out to Norbert Deslauriers, who had another fine day at fly half. Norbert pop kicked the ball into Mystics territory, took a perfect bounce and swerved his way into the try zone. In all the play covered about 60 meters and the Grey had a 10-0 lead. The rest of the forth period was evenly played, but one play really stood out. A Mystic back broke down the near sideline looking to put his boys back into the game. Just when it looked like he might do that, Brian “the human missile” Doheny came screaming across the field from the far side wing and put an end to the run and Mystics chances for a comeback. It was a great hustle play and it helped cement the victory and Brian’s selection as Man of the Match. The Grey were able to push over one more try on a nice movement by the pack. I think Ed Carr came away with the score, but it was tough to tell in that pile of humanity. This was a very nice win for the Grey against a tough and experienced foe. Our hosts then took us over to the East Side Athletic club, where we enjoyed beer, pizza and some great rugby stories. All in all, it was a great day for New England Old Boys Rugby and it further served to solidify the rivalry with our mates from Boston. We look forward to meeting them again soon. Nicely done boys!

Grey Take 2 of 3 at Ruckin’ Regatta

(9-13-2008) Twenty four Grey traveled to Jersey and played sixty minutes of rugby.We played Village Lions,GONY, and Morris in three 20 minute matches.The Village Lions came out strong in the first ten minutes.They did a great job mauling the ball and had most of the posssion and scored to be up 5-0.In the second 10 we got more ball and Don Brancard scored and converted for the 7-5 win.GONY were next and we attacked early in the match.We were up 3-0 and the Gents were in our zone most of the second half..Eighteen minutes in their wing had little chip kick over our right wing got his own ball and the Gents were up 5-3.We won text book line-out ball which went out quick to Joe Bordieri at center who then dished to Norbert Deslauriers attacking from fullback for a beautiful try.Final score Grey 10 GONY 5. Morris took it to us the last match scoring 3 tries for 15-0 win.We came through with some clutch plays to get the two victories.Mike Meyer,Kevin Trammel, John Hart, John Leone and Ed Carr led the attack in the forwards. Brian Doheny and Joe Bordieri made some great tackles.MOTM to Norbert Delauriers who did a great job at fullback.We have a bye on 9/20 and we travel to Mystic on 9/27.Keep up the fitness let’s go to Boston with good numbers in two weeks.

Grey Open season with win over Morris Masters

Captain Lou’s Match report
(9-6-2008) Great numbers and the rain held off as we notched the first win of the fall season.The match was much closer than the score indicates since we did not score a try until Steve Carr touched down near halftime.In a span of 12 minutes we put in 4 tries to secure the victory.John Kubic [Beaver]2,Don Brancard 2,Steve Carr and Norbert Deslauriers scored tries.It took awhile but the forwards produced quick multi phase ball to allow the backs room to run and score.However, the first 20 minutes of the match we struggled.Penalties,poor ball security, and failure to finish when we are close to the try line.Morris wanted it more early on and they stole ball or forced mistakes with pressure.We need to be more disciplined so we don’t get penalties.We must keep possession in the tackle.The ball carrier needs to protect the ball we need to be quicker in support.This will come with fitness and the right attitude.In the second half we had some great rucking and mauling and we produced tries.Kevi Macnamara,Jon Leone,Sean Sierra,Matt Leonard, Bob Merola great attacking and support play.Jay Chabot kicked for position and had some nice runs.  Jay also kept his head despite getting punched. MOTM to Don Brancard.

Grey win two at 24th edition of the Old Man of the Mountain Rugby Festival

The 24 th annual Old Man of the Mountain tournament has come and gone and, as usual, a good time was had by all. The Grey threw their usual Friday night barbeque on the pool patio and despite the absence of Freddy and Joe, were able to pull it together. Special thanks to Jeff Levinson, Jim Burke, Donnie Brancard, Darryl Ceccarelli, Tom Ronciaioli, Tom Stauffer and John Leone for their efforts. They Grey set up a huge tent city on Saturday, centered by Don Brancard’s big top. That, combined with a huge spread of food (thanks to Tom Stauffer again), booze and the infamous bucket made our little tent city the must visit location of the day. The Grey hosted practically the entire tourney contingent to a bite to eat, a drink and a great rugby atmosphere. Thanks to Bill Good and Joe Flynn for their hard work in putting the tournament together and giving us a great weekend of rugby, friendship and partying.

El Presidente’s comments

The back of this year’s festival tee-shirt invokes, “In these games, winning is not about the final score. Yeah, right!” Well, you’ll get no argument from the Grey! A great weekend, one and all. A special congratulations to Bud Harvey, who was presented (in absentia) with the Kevin O’Neill award for contributions to the sport. For some reason, the microphone stopped working when I went up to accept the award on Bud’s behalf. Never mind, I was unprepared so would only have been able to talk for 30 minutes or so. I played with Kevin O’Neill when I was a PROUD Brahmin. Like John Falatyn and “Mace” Comen, Kevin was taken from us too soon. But he has left a legacy that continues on with the award given every year in his name to the OMOM Festival participant who has done the most to promote the development of the sport of rugby. Bud was honored for his countless hours of selfless devotion to the Connecticut Jammers. The Jammers will be receiving a $250 check from the Boston Rugby Foundation in Bud’s honor. MEDICAL UPDATE George Saul – Right fibula cracked at joint. Total immobilization prescribed. Travel schedules entirely f****d up. Second opinion urgently sought this morning. George still finished the game, danced all night and drove home, which made the day his. Ed Carr — Bruised or fractured proximal phalanges (I can’t say that without giggling). Still able to dance. Jeff Levinson — Dislocated (and promptly relocated) thumb. Thank you, Doctor Carr. We’re still awaiting a medical update on his car. (She TOLD you to check the ignition before you left for the weekend.) Rocky Frenzilli – I spoke with Portland’s scrum half last night. He was discharged from Littleton Hospital yesterday afternoon and taken home by his long-suffering wife, Kathy. Minor collapsed lung, prognosis excellent. He sounded in excellent spirits.

We were delighted to see Jim Burke’s fellow Whoresmen, Keith and Willie, show up in Franconia, not least because they were willing to don the grey (the new, stylish, lightweight, wick-away version) and play a couple of halves with us. Before we got started, they called the Brahmins and the Grey together under Donny’s tent for a special presentation. Keith began by saying that last year Scan had asked him to bring back a souvenir from his next “business trip.” Promise made and kept, Keith and Willie presented both clubs with a llama wool pakul, the favored head covering for Afghan mujahideen. Keith told the story of how, while on a recent “visit” to Afghanistan he and Willie coaxed two of these prized hats from their owners. I don’t believe shots were fired but there was the sight of a couple of white Afghan robes turning mysteriously brown before their donors rounded the corner.

Captain Lou’s Match Report

Nineteen players and their families traveled to the White Mountains for an awesome weekend of Rugby and barbecuing. We beat Worcester 48-0 and Northshore/Seacost 32-5. It would have been nice to have about 25 players but everyone stepped up and contributed in the victories. Kevin McNamara had great throws in lineouts. George Saul and Jon Leone broke out of mauls for 5-10 yards and set great ball. Mike Meyer did a great job getting to the breakdowns. Tom Stauffer taking kickoffs and starting the maul. Kevin Trammel had a 20 meter scamper for a try as Jon Kerr drew the defense outside and passed over the shoulder as the huge gap opened. Jim Burke great job covering kicks .Ed Carr stole at least 7 lineouts plus winning our own. Ian Roberts had some nice runs and great support. Don Brancard had some slashing runs to get the attack started. Tony Johnson with his great set up passes and hard tackles. Steve Tenenbaum had at least two tries and did some great outside running. Darrell Ciccarelli had two assists and some nice runs. Bud Harvey did a good job fielding kicks and took the ball up and mauled well. Jeff Levinson had some nice runs and no one got outside him.  Men of the Match  to Kevin O’Sullivan (3 tries in the first match) and Jay Chabot ( two tries in the first match and great kicking). Kevin broke through the defense in the pack and Jay filled from fullback and started many attacks in the backline. John Kerr got the Italian Award as he got around the corner and tiptoed up the sideline for an apparent try. As time expired he kept running through the try zone and toward the posts on the next pitch. (Run Forest, Run!) Congratulations to Bud Harvey and the Jammers as they were presented with a check for 250.00 from the tournament directors

Boston tops Grey 43-15

We played an excellent Boston Rugby Team with about 5 MOB’s players.These former Boston players came to watch the super league quarter final between Boston and Chicago Lions.. The Lions had an eagle center and were an experienced playoff team.Boston was ranked second (the Lions were ranked sixth) had a young team with some College players and no foreigners.The Boston Old Boys had some very good backs and managed to score quite a few tries.We played with a lot of heart but they were just a more athletic side.We had problems winning lineouts but we did very well in loose play.We controlled at least half of the ball but at times we could not finish for tries.Darryl Ciccarrelli and Steve Carr scored tries and Jay Chabot made a penalty kick. Bob Coakley,Kevin Trammel,Sean Sierra,Tony Johnson,Jay Chabot and Barry Rita played well.Joe Bordieri and Don Brancard MOTM.They never gave up and led us in attack no matter what the score.We should be proud of these 22 players that gave their all against a strong Boston team.

White Plains 39-Grey 17

   A  fast paced hard hitting Old Boys match .White plains came out hard, scoring 3 tries in the first 15 minutes .Too many fundamental mistakes allowed WP to possess most of the ball and counterattack.We picked up the pace in the second 20 minutes and the score was 22-7 at the half.When we wanted to play in the second half we played them even as each team put up 12 points.Final score 39-17.Special thanks to Bob Merola[Count]who did a superb job reffing.Kevin O’Sullivan,,Sean Sierra,Matt Leonard,Dave Berube,Bill Hoadley,Mike Hale Jay Rubino,and Brian Doheny played hard and picked the pace especially in the second half. We are now 2-2 after two tough losses in a row.We are definitely playing some good rugby in short spurts.We need to focus early and cut down on mistakes.The good teams like White Plains will make you pay by scoring tries.They have respect for us because they came to New Haven with a strong side.We can make our season with a win next week in Boston.We will need a better turnout then our last road trip.The opportunity is there.How bad do you want it?

Action from the tough and fast paced WhitePlains Match.

Saratoga Stampede (literally) over Grey

The young lads took it to the veterans at their home pitch 47-5. All their scores were long breakaways. Early in the match we were in their end for 3 or 4 minutes but we failed to finish and score a try. They definitely took advantage of our mistakes and counterattacked very well. Their number 8 had some good runs off the scrum  and their backs ran hard. Kevin McNamara, Brendan Coffey and Jim Burke played well in the forwards. Joe Bordieri made many text book tackles and Tim branch had a few good runs. Ed Carr had a great match scoring our only try and was named MOTM by Saratoga. It was a good hard match in close quarters but once their backs got some space they were gone. We have another tough match on the 10th against White Plains. Let’s come out in numbers and bring home a W this week. The match is at 11:30 at Boulevard field in New Haven. Go to New Haven’s website  for directions to the pitch.

21 hardy Grey made the trip to Saratoga….they came away empty in the match, but had a great time in Saratoga Springs. (Note: Tom Flynn is wearing one of the new jerseys.) See the other photos here.

  Grey 40 GONY 17

It was a great day of Rugby with the Grey scoring eight tries in the eighty minute match.Thanks to Dave Martin  and Kevin McNamara.for getting excellent numbers for our opponents.Mostly New York players with Village Lions,Mystics and Massachusetts Old Boys mixed in.A good bunch and guys and some very skilled players.We were ready to play and came out attacking from the start.We scored three tries in the first and second periods respectively and then two tries in the last 40 minutes.Bill Hoadley,Bill Bishop,John Kubic [Beaver],and Jay Rubino penetrated the GONY defense with long hard runs.Great support in the forwards by Matt Leonard, Kevin O’Sullivan ,Dennis Gollarney [Bubba], Sean Sierra ,Kevin McNamara, Ed Carr,and Jim Burke Lineouts were good and we stole a few of theirs. The Blarney Stone worked well with Brian Doheny finishing with a try in the corner. At times  the scrum got pushed so we will need to get tighter and adjust to different personnel in the Interior five. We had too many penalties for offsides and losing our feet .We need to be more disciplined especially at the breakdown .Mike Meyer was MOTM selected by both GONY and the Grey .Great job Mike. .Looking forward to next week as we head to Saratoga for tough match against some young lads .Special thanks to Norbert Deslauriers for an excellent job reffing.

Club president and male model Dean Jorgensen displays his new game jersey. Yes Mr. Flynn, that’s right, NEW game jerseys. Due to last weeks cancellation, they will now debut this Saturday vs GONY. Welcome to 21st century rugby!

Grey Defeat New York All Japan

Captain Lou’s Match Report

Big Grey machine rolls over All-Japan

Jeff Levinson scored the first try of the season about eight minutes into the match. We came out hungry in the first period and got one more try for 12-0 lead. The second period was highlighted by Kevin O’Sullivan’s two tries. We controlled the ball and mauled and rucked very well. Japan had very little ball but we tackled well and stopped a couple breakaways. We can use work on lineouts. Great numbers and an excellent team effort. Ed Carr, Sean Sierra, Kevin O’Sullivan, Matt Leonard, and Kevin Trammel led the forwards. Bill Hoadley, Bill Bishop, Don Brancard and Brian Doheny Played well in the backs. MOTM Jim Burke forwards and Steve Tenenbaum backs. We don’t play on 4/12 but we are home on 4/19. Great start to the season boys. Keep up your fitness and we will see you on 4/19.

Bomber’s Match Report

( Meriden,CT 4-5-08 ) One week after being held scoreless in Monmouth, the Grey offense exploded, pouring over ten tries against a game All Japan side. Jeff Levinson started the scoring barrage early and Matt Leonard ended it. In between those bookend tries, Bill Bishop, looking to keep the Grey scoring title, dotted down three times. Kevin O’Sullivan and Bill Hoadley scored two tries each, while Tony Johnson added another. The kicking duties were ably split by Don Brancard (2/3 conversions) and Jay Chabot (6-7). It all added up to a 66-0 victory. Almost as impressive as the offense, the Grey defense was up to the task of controlling NYAJ’s fast back and equally quick scrum. The Grey pack controlled the ball and rucked and mauled very well. The tackling was excellent as well. Men of the match went to Jim Burke in the pack and Steve Tenenbaum in the backs, but there were many others that were deserving as well. Hoadley and Bishop played their usual solid games. Chabot made some tough kicks out of the mud and into the wind. Brancard distributed the ball well from flyhalf and had several shifty runs. Newcomer Kevin O’Sullivan showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball. Brian Doheny had an excellent game as well, with some bruising tackles. Kudos all around and thanks to those that came out in support of the Grey on what turned out to be an unexpectedly nice day. Next match is at home vs. the Village Lions. Enjoy the weekend off, rest up and get ready to go. Cheers!