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I have some bad news and some good news. Jon “We only need 10 good minutes from you Jonny” Leone has asked me to pass on some news. Jon hasn’t been around much of late, so for those of you with short term memory issues, Leone is a Southern guy, New Haven Old Black and early joiner and long time member of the GREY who is often mentioned in my missives. And no, he is not my illegitimate son.  His long time lady friend, gommad, significant other, main squeeze and all around hot shit gal pal, Denise McGuire Benson has a major health problem. The Big C. Denise has a very aggressive form of lymphoma that has put her out of work and into a very demanding chemotherapy program that has frankly, kicked her ass physically and financially. The good news is that the prognosis is good…the bad news is that it has taken its toll on her. If anyone can beat this, it is Denise…she’ll be damned if she’ll go before Leone. She wants to be around to complain about him after he’s dead, like all Irish women do.

So, what do the Irish do? They throw a party! On January 6, 2018…Denise’s family and friends are throwing her a party and we are all invited! Because who doesn’t love a party, we all know Kitty loves a party  and she’d like us all to be hung over and feel like shit the way she does! The details are below as to the time, place and donation and the link to make a donation. Please come or make a donation to help a long time friend of the GREY. I will be there to report on the festivities. I know the GREY will help a friend as they have done so many times before.

Join us in an evening of love and support for our friend Denise in her battle to kick cancer’s butt! It will be an evening filled with food, music, dancing and fun, and of course, a cash bar for a drink or two (or three)…..just the way she would want it! All funds collected will help with medical expenses and the financial burden this disease leaves behind.
• January 6, 2018
• 7:00-11:00PM
• Tickets: $25.00 in advance, $30 at the door (see below)
• Knights of Columbus Lodge
2630 Whitney Ave.
Hamden, CT
• Raffle Prices (If you want to donate or contribute an item to raffle, contact Marybeth Keating @ 203-214-9240 or Anne Traverso @ 203-687-5359)
• Donations also accepted via PayPal at or

To purchase tickets, email or text any of the following:
Jon Leone – 203-430-4113,
Sue Gudas – 203-507-7469,
Anne Traverso – 203-687-5359,
Marybeth Keating – 203-214-9240,
Dottie Donarum – 203-980-4270,
Justin Donarum –203-915-2905,
Kelly Smalley Shea – 203-907-7077,

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