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Well, it was a long time coming but the Captain’s report finally arrived late this week, and since I had some obligations, you know, like work… my weekly missive is a bit behind schedule. The good news is that the GREY beat a nice GONY  et al side, sans the famous Matt McCarthy,  at Randall’s Island last Saturday on a nice day that had me on the Island a bit earlier than normal… like 3 hours before game time. And why would I be on Randalls 3 hours early you might ask… Well, I made the ill advised decision to go to NYC with occasional rugby player Mike “But I live in RI” Berling and the inestimable KMAC. Mike is a little skittish before games and was concerned that we would get stuck in traffic so we got off to an early start…watching the sun rise over New Haven harbor and arriving at Randall’s Island a full 3 hours before game time….about the same time as everyone else was leaving CT. We got to watch the tide go out, the tide come in, we watched the boats go up the river and down the river…I think we even saw some whales go by, but that might have been some of the locals running in some sort of road race. In any case Mike and KMAC were well rested for the match. And Mike had a good game after a long layoff and only missed a few tackles. Here’s hoping he recovers from all this strenuous effort and makes it up to the South Shore game. I will be driving to Weymouth next weekend by myself.

Some observations from around the pitch: Good to see the new faces of the GREY play very well. And I am comforted in my retirement that our relatively new guys have maintained the traditions of our senior players. Captain Jason “I’m so pretty” Smith has taken over Jonny Leone’s spot as the “I just need 10 good minutes from you” before you get hurt slot. Captain Ed Carr posed that request to Leone some years ago..and Leone went out and ruined himself in less than a minute…As did Jason. But Jason redeemed himself at the Black Duck where he strapped a bulging sack of ice to his injured groin and dripped ice water all over anyone close by. Come to think of it…that might be a good thing to strap on to several other members of the Club on our next stop at the Duck. Captain Kirk  got into a little dust up with his opposite number…taking over Jay “No Show” Chabot’s slot as Team Pugilist. This particular fight was described from the side lines as being like two rat terrriers fighting over a chew toy. No word on how Captain Kirk’s Mom feels about this, and I’m sure the lovely Sarah will give him that “look”. Bill ” Black Hole”Bishop had an nice  match…marred only by his failure to pass, eliminating a sure try, and a nasty knock on that caused all on the side lines to chuckle. Bill has an extensive, annotated, footnoted and through explanation as to why all this happened…which I ignored, preferring instead to call him a homo back. Bill’s faithful companion, the lovely touch judge Linda, objected and made several graphic points in his defense. Jay Beanz had a good game in that he didn’t get hurt or pick a fight with a much larger player… but his kicking game was off. And Brian Doheny didn’t get hurt because, as usual, he wasn’t there.  And the adventures of the GREY continued at the Black Duck in Westport, where we entertained the pre, mid and post menopausal day drinking ladies with our antics. One fulsome lady noticed all the rugby gear and approached us and asked if we knew the Kubic’s…one quick thinking lad remarked “not if they owe you money or fathered one of your children”. She happily reported that neither was the case…but that she knew them from the Yankees and her association with Duncan Forsyth. For those of you who know Duncan… I will say no more… except that he is exceptionally fond of a lovely pinot grigio.


Yes you read that right….the GREY will take the pitch against South Shore and Boston RFC, assuming  they show up, at a new pitch. I really do hope that we can re-new our relationship with Boston…that way I can have some actual facts to make fun of them with. I do not have the details about the pitch and will post directions later this week. But this will be south of Boston and not far from the location of past games with South Shore, so plan travel times according. Berling… we will not be far from the beach so you and KMAC can have a nice sit down as you watch the sun come up.

As always, please advise the Captains of your availability: Jason Smith Kirk Perruccio


NH Rugby Old Boys  will be hosting a get together at Gouveia Vineyard 1339 Whirlwind Rd. Wallingford, CT this Sunday at 3:00 pm.  Last year several of us met up on a last minute fundraiser for Paul McClusky who 3 years ago was stricken by ALS.  We had a few glasses with Paul and were able to raise and donate over $1000 to the ALS Foundation in his name.
Come down!  Have some wine, catch up with old friends, and raise money for a fantastic cause.  Wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and friends in general are welcome
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September 9, 2017 Randall’s Island, New York, New York

CT Grey 45 – Gentlemen of New York, et al. 15

The Grey arrived at Randall’s Island for the opening match of the “Never Ending Season’s” Fall 2017 chapter with 22 players.  It was a beautiful day for rugby and the Gentleman of New York were hosting.  Of the 22 members of the Grey, seven were playing in only their first or second session with the Grey.  This is a great testament to the ability of the club to attract and retain new members.

I fully recognize that this match report is a full three days late.  I would like to blame a variety of reasons for this transgression, most notably that I have been tremendously busy working and generating taxable earnings for the state of Connecticut to squander.  Perhaps I could blame the fact that we did not receive multitudes of Facebook inquiries from Jeff Bouvier regarding the status of the forthcoming report.  However, neither of these would be true.  The sad fact is that I have been in a deep depression since Saturday.

Roughly three minutes into the match I suffered an injury to my right leg that rendered me incapable of continued play.  I retreated to the sideline where I spent the remainder of the match supporting the team by, as Mike “Kiwi” Haynes would refer to as, “Carrying the orange bag.”  The injury was not the cause of the depression though.  Rather it was the proclamation by Kevin “Mac” McNamara and Tom “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” Flynn that I was the new Jon Leone of the club and that the team needed, “Just three to five good minutes from me” before exiting with a nebulous injury.  I’m outraged and offended and am contemplating legal action…

This aside, the Grey did play some pretty solid rugby considering it was the first match of the season.  The team managed to possess ball, pass and tackle well.  There were a few moments when we became careless in our passing, tackled a bit too high and rucked a bit too slowly, but the typical early season rash of knock-ons and general lack of coordination was minimal.  Tom Flynn noted that this is because we really haven’t had a true off-season in 5 years.

There were two notable plays during the day.  The first involved a 40-meter run by Bill Bishop in which he broke through the GONY defensive line and carried to ball to within 15 meters of the goal when he was brought down by the final GONY defender.  Surely the Grey would have scored on the play, but there were only three other Grey players in close support of Bishop and he was unable to offload at any point during the final 30 meters of the run.  I’ll allow Tom Flynn to insert a variety of ‘Black Hole’ jokes here.

The second memorable event of the match did not actually occur during play.  Visibly perturbed by the aggressive nature of the GONY scrum half at the back of previous scrums, Kirk Perruccio decided to take matters into his own hands.  Late in the match at the end of a defensive scrum, Perruccio retaliated.  He smothered his opposite number as he was reaching to clear the ball from the foot of his 8 man and dragged him to the turf.  The opposing scrum half took umbrage and responded.  The ensuing fracas resembled two Russell Terriers fighting over the same chew toy.  Matt Farley decided to step in to break up the fight.  His efforts were misinterpreted by another member of the GONY squad as escalation and Farley was abruptly punched in the face.  The remainder of the fight resembled the final slow song at a high school dance and order was eventually restored.

Try scorers on the match were Pantcho Stoyanov (4), Leo Connors, Bobby Wheeler, and Leo Connors.  Jay Rubino was 0 for 1 in conversion attempts.  Connors was 5 of 6, including one converted from the outside the 15-meter hash.  No penalties attempts were made.  Two players were awarded Man of the Match honors.  Andy Ives was everywhere on the day, tackling, rucking, counter-rucking and attacking.  His play was noteworthy in the pack.  From the backline, Leo Connors played an outstanding match.  He made a variety of strong runs, many great tackles and converted five of his six kicks.  Congratulations to both men for their great play.


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