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Well, it was bound to happen….We tried to reserve the pitch this weekend in Meriden and it ended up being double booked…and we lost. So, after a quick scramble Mein Herr Andy Ives found a new spot… The Wesleyan University pitch …. thanks to Pete “The You Know What” Velcofsky…Wesleyan’s Coach and old Hartford Wanderers guy. The pitch is located at the corner of Wadsworth Street and Long Lane in Middletown. Thus making the trip to Keagan’s exceptionally easy.  Directions below. Please be there by 10:00 AM as we need to kick off promptly at 11. As you will see below…this is going to be a solid match and we need the numbers. Please let the captains know of your availability so the appropriate level of concern and distress can accumulate and ruin their week. As always, please advise the Captains of your availability: Jason Smith Kirk Perruccio

FROM I-91  Take exit 18 to merge onto CT-66 E toward Middlefield/Middletown About 8 mins go 5.6 mi total 16.9 mi 12. Turn right onto West St About 2 mins go 0.9 mi total 17.8 mi 13. Turn left onto Wadsworth St. The pitch will be on the left at the corner of Long Lane and Wadsworth

FROM RT 9S Take the Washington Street exit…go right and cross Main Street. Washington is now RT66 West. Go through Campus and take a left on to West Street (RT 153) and follow to end. Make a left on to Wadsworth and pitch will be on left.

If you are coming from some place else…figure it out.


Well that wasn’t fun! But I did win Man of the Match! I didn’t play but because I was the last GREY at the bar when they announced the MOM… my old pals from Boston Tommy Atcheson and Mikey Flynn ratted me out and made me go up for the boat race. I have to say that I performed better than the rest of the GREY…not spilling a drop, or knocking anything on, unlike some others and tying my much younger counter part. Practice makes perfect! Unfortunately the GREY showed up with 16, lost one to injury, picked up and old Boston guy, Bruce who I have seen in years… and we played what was one of the worst matches since the days of John Marinaro. I will say that Captain Kirk underestimates the number of knock ons. And my faith in props remains undaunted, since our only score was by a prop. But the party was very good! Some other observations from around the pitch: Kevin Trammel was a bit concerned that he wouldn’t get anything to eat at the party due to the number of games to be played. Jay Beanz was called for a high tackle! How is that even possible? And Bill Bishop had a good game…and for once, not passing the ball was the right choice since we would have just knocked it on. The lovely distaff side of the Bishop family continues on her quest to get me to call her an “assistant referee”… This will not occur as she is an excellent touch judge. And when I said to the fellows from Boston the the referee was doing a very good job… Tommy pointed out to me that I shouldn’t call the refs “See You Next Tuesdays” since “See You Next Tuesdays” are useful and refs are not. I have to admit he has a point.


Inspiring words from our Captain:

Thanks to the 16 Grey who made the trip to South Shore this past Saturday. The Rusty Anchors showed up ready to play; the Grey showed up. About 15 knock-ons and drops tell the story as the Grey stumbled and bumbled their way to a 30-something to 5 ass kicking.

Now we’re on to most likely our toughest match of the season against the Greyhounds and All-Japan this Saturday somewhere in central CT and at some time during the day; details coming soon. We need everyone to show up as there will be lots of tough, hard rugby against 2 of our best opponents. Not sure when the last time the Grey lost back-to-back matches but let’s make sure it doesn’t happen this season. Please do whatever it is you need to do to whomever it is that makes decisions for you so you can get yelled at by me and then hopefully enjoy some sake and wiener schnitzels at Wally’s. Reminder – we are off next weekend so promise her if she lets you play Saturday that you’ll make it up to her next Saturday. You’ll more than likely fail because you’re way too old and nothing works as it should but I’m sure she’ll appreciate your pathetic attempt at an effort.