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Weekend Happenings


There are a few things going on this weekend:

1.  There is a touch Rugby tournament tomorrow in New Haven starting at 1 pm.  Dirty Boulevard rules will apply and anyone can participate.

2.  The Connecticut Roller Girls kick off their season tomorrow night.  Could be fun to watch some Roller Derby.  It’s a double header.  Doors open at 5:00 PM Kick off is at 6:00PM.  Where:  CT Sports Center, 21 S. Bradley Rd, Woodbridge CT.  (They sell beer there.)


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Captain’s Match Report

Old Blue 39 Grey 24

Great match to start the spring season.  Great facility and excellent officiating.  Old Blue scored first about 12 minutes into the match.  Bill Bishop answered a few minutes later and we were up 7-5.  Old Blue scored 2 more tries in the first half.  Brian Doheny scored our second try and we were down 17-12 at half after 35 minutes of play.  Using the wind and playing in old Blues half we scored 2 more tries by Kev Dog and Beaver.  After 60 minutes the score was 24-24 and we attacked with a kick and Jeff Snider was sent to the bin for 8 minutes.  Old Blue gained momentum and scored 3 tries.  Everyone stepped up to the challenge and gave their best effort.  We were strong in the sets and good in line outs.  Tackling needs to improve and not commit too many to a ruck.  Great job by Kevin O’Sullivan, Matt Leonard,Sean Sierra,Ed Carr,Mike Powers, Rene Abdalah and Beaver in the pack.  Kirk Peruccio and Kev Dog led the attack at halfback.  Bill Bishop and Jeff Snider worked well in the centers.  MOTM to Bill Bishop who had some great runs.  Welcome to new players Kirk Peruccio, Rene Abdalah, Mike O’Neill and Lem Daubenspeck.  Thanks to everyone for committing to travel and communicating in a timely fashion.  We are off next weekend then we have GONY on Easter weekend April 7.  Let Mike Hale or myself know before April 5th if you can make it.  Also Western Connecticut is looking for a backs Coach if you know anyone who might be interested let Mike Hale know.

Capt’n Lou

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Info for Saturday


Our first game of the 2012 Spring Season is upon us.  We are playing Old Blue at their home pitch (if you haven’t let the Captains know if you’re coming or not, you better get on that!).  Kick off is 11:30 AM.  I will send out Park and Ride locations later in the week.  Here is the note from Old Blue on how to get to their field and all of the rules they have to use the facility (I don’t think there will be a test):

Please note there is currently construction at the facility; entrance can be gained by going past the main gate and entering near the football stadium. Unfortunately there is no onsite parking near the field however there is parking available at the boat house past the football stadium. We have access to locker rooms and showers.

Directions can be obtained from the following link:
1. There are no alcoholic beverages permitted on the pitch or in the bleachers.  Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed in designated areas only.
2.  There is no smoking or gum permitted on the pitch or in the bleachers.
2. Locker rooms are available for showering and changing only.  Please do not leave any personal belongings in the locker rooms at any time.  This is a shared space and we cannot guarantee the security of any items.
3. No metal spikes may be worn on any surface at our facility.  Only sneakers may be worn on the turf field adjacent to the pitch.  It is suggested to bring sneakers in addition to molded boots.
4. Please help keep the sideline and locker rooms free of any debris to ensure the continued use of our facility.

NO alcoholic beverages
NO smoking
NO metal spikes/cleats
NO food/beverages
NO chewing gum or tobacco
NO sunflower seeds
NO glass containers
NO pets
NO dragging equipment
NO driving stakes



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A Grey Family Loss

Fellow Grey,

Brendan Coffey’s father passed away on Saturday.  He sent us the following note:

My old man passed into heaven on St. Patrick’s Day with me at his side.  He was at peace.  He began life in the worst possible circumstances but pulled himself up by his boot straps, journeyed to America and started a family.  In his day, he was a pretty good Irish footballer for County Kerry but he always poked me for playing that rough game of rugby.  Yet, he understood the competition and comradeship of it too.  In another day or another life, you might have found him lining up along side you on the field.  The old fella had a good run at it and befitting his life I’d like to ask you to join me in a toast to him after Saturday’s game.  The Guinness is on me. 

Regards, Brendan

Brendan, thank you for sharing this with us.  Your old man, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Visiting hours, tomorrow, Wednesday, are 4-8 PM in the Keohane Funeral Home, 785 Hancock St., QUINCY.  A Celebration of Life Service will be held in the funeral home at 9:15 AM on Thursday prior to the Funeral Mass in Sacred Heart Church, Quincy at 10 AM.

With deepest sympathy,

The Grey

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Captain Lou’s Practice Report


About 27 players participated in 9;00am practice and then went to watch two six nation matches.Thanks to all for making this a worthwhile endeavor.Welcome to the new members that participated for the first time.Lots of good things happened as we reviewed plays and did some basic skills to shake off the winter dust.This Saturday we have our first match in New York against Old Blue.This will be a great challenge and we need to be prepared mentally and physically for an intense match.The need for urgency has to be there.We have to want to get to the breakdown and support the ball.But not commit six players to ruck.Communicate, make tackles, and cover the whole pitch.I have about 20 committed so if you have not responded please let Mike Hale or myself know.


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Read Me


Practice  tomorrow, 9:00 AM, on our home pitch…  Wait, there’s more…following practice will be 6 Nations Madness at Chicago Sams (formerly Rookies).  They are not showing the first game, just so you guys can make it to practice!  Doors will open at 10:30 for the 10:45 game.

Dust off the cob-webs, clean your boots and get yourself to the pitch!  Oh and if you haven’t done so already, dues are due.  Please bring your check, cash or other negotiable interest with you so you can get square with the club.   Wait, there’s more…we, as a club, will be making a donation to the Jonesy golf tournament.  We are planning on sponsoring a hole, so if you’re feeling generous, feel free to add to your dues and we will pass that through to Jonesy.

Kirk Out

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Rugby History

From Mike Rowan via Fred Seeger through Mr. Eddie Carr:

How the game of Rugby evolved:

This is a perspective on how `backs’ became known as such.

It is largely unknown to players and followers of the modern game of rugby, that in the very early days it started off purely as a contest for forwards in opposition in line-outs, scrums, rucks and mauls. This pitted eight men of statuesque physique, of supreme fitness and superior intelligence in packs against one another. In those days, the winner was the pack that had gained most set pieces.

The debasement of the game began when backs were introduced. This occurred because a major problem was where to locate the next scrum or line-out. Selecting positions on the ground for these had become a constant source of friction and even violence. The problem was resolved through a stratagem of employing forward rejects, men of small stature and limited intelligence, to select positions on the field from where, when in receipt of the ball they could be guaranteed to drop it in a random pattern but usually, as far from the last set piece as possible.

Initially these additional players were entirely unorganized but with the passing of time they adopted positions. For instance, the half-back. He was usually generally the smallest and least intelligent of the backs whose role was simply to accept the ball and pass it on. He could easily (given his general size) have been called a quarter forward or a ball monkey but then tolerance and compassion are the keys to forward play and the present inoffensive description was decided upon. The five-eighth plays next to the half-back and his role is essentially the same except that, when pressured he usually panics and kicks the ball. Normally, he is somewhat taller and slightly better built than the half-back and hence his name. One-eighth less and he would have been a half-back, three-eighths more and he might well have qualified to become a forward.

The centres were opportunists who had no specific role to play but who were attracted to the game by the glamour associated with forward packs. After repeated supplication to the forwards for a role in the game they would be told to get out in the middle and wait for the ball. Thus, when asked where they played, they would reply “in the centre”. And they remain to this day, opportunists and scroungers, men so accustomed to making excuses for bad hands and errant play that most become solicitors or real estate agents.

You may ask, why wingers? The answer is simple. Originally these were players who had very little ability and were the lowest in the backline pecking order. They were placed far from the ball and given the generally poor handling by the inside backs, were rarely given the opportunity to even touch the ball. This is basically why, through a process of natural selection, they became very fast runners and developed the ability to evade tackles. But to get back to the name. The fact that they got so little ball led to the incessant flow of complaints from them and the eventual apt description “whingers”. Naturally, in the modern game, the name has been adapted to become more acceptable.

Lastly, the full-back. This was the position given to the worst handler, the person least able to accept or pass the ball, someone who was always in the way.. the name arose because, infuriated by the poor play invariably demonstrated by that person, the call would come “send that fool back” and he would be relegated to the rear of the field.

So there you have it. The fact is that if a side does not have eight men of statuesque physique, of supreme fitness and superior intelligence then they might as well play soccer.

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Fellow Grey,

This is a reminder that we have practice this Saturday, March 17th at Mountin Mist, our home field in Meriden.  Practice starts at 9:00 AM sharp.  Rookies is showing 3 Rugby games this Saturday, so there will be some fun things to watch as we hydrate post practice.

Come for a run, watch some Rugby, drink some beer and eat.  What else can you ask for on Saturday?  If you haven’t done so already let Captain Lou know whether you’ll be attending pracitce or not.   Lou’s email is



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Training This Coming Saturday – Let Lou Know Whether You’re Going To Be There Or Not

Thanks to all those who have responded to the first note that went out.Many may have missed it because of the title.[Editor's note:  The author of the previous note has been summarily fired]Please let me know asap if you can make the training on 3/17 at 9:00am.Even if you can not make it please let me know what your plans are for the season.We have a match on 3/24 at Old Blue and then away at GONY and Morris on 4/7 and 4/14 respectively.We need 25 responses to make the training a go and we don’t even have 10.The weather will be nice this week so get some training on your own.We have a challenging season this Spring looking forward to hearing from you about what you plan to do.
                Captain Lou
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Executive Committeee Meeting

A meeting of the Connecticut Grey Executive Committee will take place at Rookies, Wednesday, March 14th. All are invited.

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