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A Sincere Thank You and Time to Get Dirty!

Friends, Grey, Countrymen,

I want to start by thanking everyone for the calls, emails, prayers and support you’ve given me and my family.  These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind and a new normal is finally starting to show itself.   I am truly grateful to be part of the Grey family.  Thank you.

And now for something completely different…A man with two buttocks…seriously though, it is that time of year again.  The Dirty Boulevard Five tourney in New Haven is this coming Sunday.  Here’s the message from the organizer:


 Dirty Boulevard 5′s!!!!

 *2012 is is going to be bigger than ever! Former 5′s Wizard Bart Messina will Announce the Opening Pre-Draft Ceremony on Skype from Korea!!!

*New Haven Choir Sensation Randy Hill will be singing the National Anthem be for Kick Off!!!!

*The Winning Team will be Magically Whisked Away to Sports Haven for an Evening With the Finest Horse & Dog tracks in the Country!!!!
 *Cash Prizes
 *After Party at Anna Liffey’s
 Let’s get dirty!

SUNDAY FEB. 26TH…@ The BLVD…..Rain, Snow or Shine


 $3.99  entry Fee

 2012 DB 5′s

 1) Must be there by 12pm to enter the draft. (Don’t Be Late Reynolds!!!)

 2) All off-sides, Kickoffs and passing rules apply same as 7′s (kickoffs
 are live)
 3) 5 tags per side, the 5th results in a turn over, you have the
 option to kick on your 4th possession, that kick must go 10 meters or
 be touched by an opposing player before it is recovered by the kicking
 team. ( the first touch on a kick off does not count as #1)
 4) After a tag has been made the defending team must retreat 5 meters
 from the mark. ( this is strictly enforced.) this will be a
 professional foul, excessive accounts of this will result in a 45
 second sin bin 

5) After a tag has been made the attacking player must return to the
 mark he was tagged at. I don’t want to see any run & gun over ever mark. this will be a
professional foul, Excessive accounts of this will result in a 45 second sin bin.
 6) No fighting
7) RESPECT THE REF!!!!!  ( referee’s, they are very sensitive people)

 8) You must play to win!!!

 9) You Must have FUN!!!

 -Commissioner Pereira
Pete Pereira
203 843 2993

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David Kirk Update

Hello everyone, I spoke with David and he greatly appreciates everyone’s emails and phone calls.  He is back in CT now and said he would send out a message to the club at some point.  For those that wish to send a card his address is 34 Hollow RD Woodbury, CT 06798.  Services for his mother will be held out of country.  After speaking with Dave he said his preference would be for us to plant a tree rather than send an arrangement for the services -s0 we are presently working on getting that done.

Thanks, Meyer

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Lonesome Eddie & the Bird Dogs

Lonesome Eddie & The Bird Dogs – West Hartford’s Answer to Menudo – Back for your pleasure !
SPECIAL GUESTS: The Brass Puppies will be joining LE & The BD’s again!   (They’re better musicians anyway)
It’s been a long, cold winter.  Come down and shake your thang – you’ll be glad you did!
Please spread the word, send this on to a friend – Thanks!
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Grey Family Loss

Hello everyone,

Sadly, David Kirk’s mother passed away within the last 24-48 hours.  David went up to Canada to be with her and is traveling back now.  We do not have any information on services at the moment but will keep everyone posted.  David’s email is


Thanks, Meyer

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Thank you

A note from Meyer:

Hello everyone, it was a great success this weekend at our first Annual CT Rugby Blood Drive sponsored by the CT Grey.  It was great to see representatives from the CT Grey (we had every generation of player on our team show up from James Ackman- a rookie on the club to Bill Aman- a founder of our club), the Jammers (Hoppy gave blood for the first time), Old Black (Sparkles and a few others came up to support the event), as well as a few Hartford players that came down with Jeff Vencus.  It was also great to see so many college rugby players show up to the event.  Mitchell College Rugby brought down 10 players (8 were giving for the first time) to help us hit our quota for the day. 
There was a lot of laughing and a great sense of community at the event.  Special thanks go out to Burt Hale and Kevin Mac for providing the pastries, to Ronco and Kosilla for volunteering at the front desk, and to all the Hale kids (both Burt’s and Mike’s) for handing out juices and volunteering.  Also special thanks to all the Red Cross staff for giving us the ability to give back and save lives and for putting up with our silly antics (Bubba trying to probe people while they were giving blood, the verbal exchanges between Bud Harvey and Hoppy, Big Steve from Mitchell showing us exciting new apps for our Iphones, and for several un-named players for trying to smear jelly mustaches on one-another from the pastries).
Thank you again to everyone that gave and volunteered at the blood drive.



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Crawling for a Good Cause

Ruggers, Friends and Countrymen:

On November 16, we were informed of a wounded warrior coming home from Afghanastan with ties to our club (  Many of you reached out and made some great suggestions on how we could help.  One way we can help, is to join in on the Wounded Warrior Pub Crawl in Hartford (!/events/215965778493297/).  The festivities are tomorrow night, February 4th and kicks off at 5:00 PM at the Russian Lady in Hartford.  The cost to join is $20, which goes to the Semper FI Fund which has directly contributed to our friend’s need.  There will be raffles and discounted drink specials at the various establishments, so if you drink enough, you may make back your $20 bucks. 

More information can be found at:


Mac and the Cheese

PS Get your arses to the blood drive tomorrow, we need your pints!

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Can you help?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

The University of Hartford is looking for some coaching help.  Please see the email exchange below for reference.  If you don’t want to read that many words and you know of anyone or if you are interested in lending a hand please let Bill McMinn or Jay Rubino know.


Hi Mac
Great to see ya at dinner. As always a nice job by you and the cast of characters!
Please see the below note. I am trying to help Bill McMinn who’s son I coached in Madison. Putting in touch with Harford Wanderers and put a note out to our guys for his request below at the Univ. of Harford. Do you have any of the Wanderers emails like Dan Dione the coach etc. Also let put out a note to the Grey as well.
Thanks in advance, Jay

Good Morning Peter [Brink of UHart]
My name is Bill McMinn and I am Spencer McMinn’s Dad.  It was great watching the team this past fall.  My good friend Jay Rubino is our high school coach and has lots of connections with the rugby community.  He has been playing and coaching ruby for many years.   I have asked him to contact the Hartford Rugby Community and see if we can find you some help with coaching.   I look forward to helping the team with what ever I can and I know Jay will help with his contacts to the rugby community.  Please feel free to contact myself or Jay.  We will get back to you with more information.
Thanks Bill McMinn
203-245-6486 office
203-410-1317 cell

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