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CT Grey this Weekend

THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

 A huge Thank You is in order to Tom Flynne and John ( Beave ) Kubic for there efforts to bring a side to the “Block ” for our annual match…. And a great job by Mike Hale in organizing an over 45′s Team for Saranac, two matches on Friday, one on Sunday…… Good Luck to all the “Grey” family of ruggers this weekend on the Block and at Lake Placid, be safe and have fun….. cheers, Prez. Mac

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Grey Rugger Talk: Michael Kosilla

1. What teams have you played for and during what years?
SCSU from 1980-1984, New Haven Old Black from 1986-1993, Grey from 1994-2005
2. What first got you started playing for the Grey?
I figured at 35 years old there was a chance that I would be younger that a lot of the people that I would be playing against.
3. What are some fond/funny memories you have from playing with the Grey?
There have been so many of that I can’t recall them all but one of the funniest would be a ride home from a match in New York with John Kerr driving and Tony Johnson as well as Ed Carr were in the car as well.  So many dumb things were said that I almost peed myself laughing.  There was also the night in New Haven I had to mention to Jay Beans that all of the other cars headlights were coming towards us as as he blindly drove against traffic on a busy one way street.
4. What is your greatest moment in rugby?
Some of my greatest moments in rugby include being there for the start of Southern CT and New Haven Old Black and scoring the first points ever for New Haven on foreign soil by slotting a penalty kick during our first tour of Scotland and Ireland (Bob Chet got the first try in the same match).  Also, beating Providence to win the CT Cup in our first year with New Haven, and being able tobe on the Grey with President Mac and Barry Ritawho were my college roommates. Other than the fact that he is a drunken Irishman Kevin has been a great asset to the Grey.
5. Ronco did his interview a while back and in that interview he talked about his transplant and you as the donor.  Can you talk to everyone on how that transpired from your perspective?
As Annemarie always reminds me, enough about the freakin kidney.  All joking aside, the things that I am happy about is that Ronco is doing well and since giving him my kidney I have not gotten slapped in the face or thrown out of a bar.  On the other hand, since receiving my kidney Ronco has gone from dressing like Santa to entertain kids at the National Kidney Foundations Christmas parties to dressing like Santa for the Hartford Santa Pub Crawl where this past year he thought that it would be funny to poke female bar patrons with a candy cane.  This particular holiday festivity went terribly wrong when the boyfriend of a pokie had to decide whether it would be worth it to forego a lifetime of presents under his tree by punching Santa in his bowl full of jelly.  The word on the street is that Ronco got the ugly kidney.
6. You are a part of the founding class that started SCSU rugby 30 years ago.  You recently just went to the SCSU rugby alumni function.  Can you give us your take on how that went and some of the changes you have seen in college rugby over the last 30 years?
The happy hour was a really nice event for a team that made it to the Division I Collegiate sweet sixteen this year.  While sitting there I was thinking that these kids were us 30 years ago and they were thinking “who the heck are these old guys”.  I think that aside from the typical rule changes, to field a truly competitive collegiate team these days they need to be well coached and a lot more serious about the game than about the drink ups.  From everything that I can tell, the Southern coach Joey Buttafucco deserves a lot of credit for putting the program on the map and for trying to involve the alumni.  Unfortunately, more of us need to show up and support them at these types of events.
7. You have coached rugby as well.  Can you tell us about that?
Lets get one thing straight, I was only the assistantcoach under Ronco for the University of Hartford women’s team.  I was only the head coach when he got thrown out of matches (see ugly kidney above).  The short story is that after we struggled for years with numbers, and players not showing up to practices and games, they decided to replace us with a young woman who had played for us sparingly to say the least.  At the last practice that Ronco attended, where he was informed that the young woman would be coaching, we find out why the girls kept giggling after Ronco told the girls “do whatever she (the new coach) wants you to do”.  Come to find out the young woman was in the process of transitioning from a she into a he and it appeared that we were the last two to know.  The sad part is that with less than two years experience playing women’s rugby,and none coaching, the new coach took them to the Div IV Northeast finals in the first year of coaching.  Go figure why we haven’t been offered another coaching gig.
8. What is your favorite Grey outing to attend and why?
Although it seems to always conflict with our family vacation on Cape Cod the Block Island game was always a blast.  Boating (well at least riding on the ferry), rugby and drinking on a beach what could be better.
9. What is your favorite comedy movie of all time, when you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up, what is the last book you read, what is your happiest memory, and what is your favorite condiment?
Hangover.  A policeman.  Cycle World Magazine(not much of a book reader).  Birth of kids.  Ketchup.
10. If you were a porn star.  What would your porn star name be?
What do you mean if?  I have to stick with High Pitch Mike for obvious reasons although I would like all of my fans to think it is because I swing a big bat and balls.   
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CT Grey Supports Special Olympics

For many years now the CT Grey have volunteered at the Winter Special Olympics, run by Tony Johnson.  This is a picture of the Grey from this year’s 2011 Games in Connecticut.

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A Message from Tom Flynn

Yes the game is still on! Please consider comming out to Block Island…One of the Last Great places…This Saturday July 30, 2011 at 12:00PM at the Town Soceer Field next to the airport.
Please consider joining us for the day. Let me know if you can make it: I’m getting too old to play the whole game so I need some of you younger folks to pick up the slack.
Tom Flynn
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A Message from Brendan Coffey

Fellow ruggers, 
On August 20, I will be participating in The Original Mud Run Northeast Liberty benefitting the National MS Society. I will be completing a 6.2 mile obstacle course and raising money for such a great cause.
However, I don’t want your donations, I want you on my team!!! 

Are you a man, or a mouse?  Check out the video, it looks like a rugby game we’d play in Berkshire less a rugby ball.  I encourage you to join me this year, by registering for The Original Mud Run Northeast Liberty. Please visit to register online.  My team name is ‘Ruggers r Mudders’.  Reminder, this is not a race, its moreso a social slog thru the bog.

Did I mention that I’m buying the beer afterwards?

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A message from Prez. Mac


Fellow Grey,

Our Great Britain Tour is gaining momentum. 15 Grey have committed already by sending their checks.  This could be the last Tour for many of our Elder members who have been on numerous ventures all over the globe and promises to be yet another chance to make life long memories with your fellow players, friends and families.

Do not miss out on this Tour, 2006 was the last Grey Tour and who knows when the next will come along.  So for thosewho are on the fence, go get your bride or girlfriend on board and join the 2012 Summer Tour.  We already have a Tour Committee ready to make this the best Tour possible. Tony (the angry old man) Johnson is already working on the Tour Brochure and Tom (what new jerseys?) Flynne has agreed to handle your Tour Kits….and do not think for a minute Dean ( Get Jiggy With It) Jorgenson has not started all this in motion and will guide us through all the necessary details….

So grab your check books and make your checks out to Connecticut Grey RFC, send to :

Kevin McNamara

256 Ross Hill Rd.

Lisbon, CT  06351

For anyone going to the “Block” next weekend you can give your checks to Tom Flynn, and for all that are traveling to Saranac next weekend you can give your checks to me.

The refundable deposit amount for the checks is $200.00 / Person to Connecticut Grey RFC.

Lastly for all the lads who wanted a new Jersey and sent their checks via pony express….get real and get the checks to me asap….and NO this is not how the TOUR will be run, NO checks NO plane ride…..


President  Mac

860-608-9046 cell

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Grey Tour – Update

Greetings everyone,

I will be collecting the checks for the Tour.   

To reserve your place on this tour, send a refundable deposit check for $200 per person by Friday, August 19 to:

Kevin Macnamarra at 256 Ross Hill Rd in Lisbon CT 06351.  Please make checks out to the Connecticut Grey RFC.

Thanks, Pres. Mac

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A message from John “The Beave” Kubic

Greetings everyone,

My wife & a friend have just opened up their own On-line children’s clothing consignment store.  They are selling all top of the line brands that are new or as good as new.

They are trying to get the word out there & was hoping you would all share this with everyone you think could benefit from it.

Let me know what you think…


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Reminder – Connecticut Grey Going on Tour

Folks – A reminder of the upcoming tour.  Please let Mac know if you have interest in attending.

Connecticut Grey Summer 2012 Great Britain Tour 


August 23 – 30, 2012

Three nights in York, England with a match against Pocklington RUFC


Three nights in Edinburgh, Scotland with a match against Boroughmuir RFC



The Connecticut Grey RFC is organizing a Grey Family Tour to York and Edinburgh with matches against the Veterans Sides of two historic rugby clubs.


  • We will depart JFK Airport on Thursday evening, August 23rd, arriving at Manchester Airport on Friday morning, August 24th.
  • We will then transfer by chartered luxury coach to our hotel in York.
  • After three days and nights in York – including a Sunday afternoon match against the Pocklington RUFC Vets – we will drive by coach to Edinburgh.
  • Three days and nights in Edinburgh – including a Tuesday evening match against the Boroughmuir RFC Vets.
  • Thursday, August 30th, we fly home from Edinburgh Airport.


The estimated price is $1,950 per person, double occupancy. This includes:

  • Air fare between New York City and Great Britain
  • A dedicated 55-seat luxury coach for the duration of our stay in England and Scotland
  • Hotel accommodations including breakfast and taxes


This price is an estimate, only. We will be able to provide firm pricing by October 1.


To reserve your place on this tour, send a refundable deposit check for $200 per person by Friday, August 19 to:


Kevin Trammel (email Kevin for address)

Make your check payable to “Connecticut Grey RFC.”

  • This tour is open to all members of the Connecticut Grey, their family, and friends.
  • Playing time will be made available to all dues-paying Active, Social, and Honorary Members.
  • The price estimate is based on a touring party of 55 people and is subject to change.


All of our travel arrangements are being made through Gallagher Travel Shoppe in Wallingford. To allow us to secure the lowest possible group rates, we ask that you plan on travelling with the tour on the scheduled itinerary. If it is not convenient for you to fly out of JFK, we will do our best to make alternate arrangements for you.

Please do not contact our travel agent directly. Direct all questions to Kevin McNamara,, 860-608-9046.

Follow these links for information about our destination and our host clubs:

The City of York

Pocklington RUFC

York Attractions

The City of Edinburgh

Boroughmuir RFC

Edinburgh Attractions

Edinburgh Festival


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Grey Rugger Talk: Jay Rubino

1. What teams have you played for and during what years?
86′-2009 New Haven RFC, 87- Harford RFC- for 2 months but no one spoke to me…went back to NHRFC, 91′& 92′ish- NERFU Select Side, 2007-Present- CT Grey RFC, 2006-2008- CT Governors, and other various select side teams for Saranac Tourney, 08′- White Plains, and Boston Wolfhounds over 35 side.

2. How did you first get started playing rugby?

I lived with a guy from South Africa out on Martha’s Vineyard back in 86′. He talked about the game a lot. He and I got a bunch of college kids that were working and living on the Vineyard to Play 7′s. Many had already knew about or played rugby in the various colleges so it became fun and competitive very quickly. Unknown to us that there was a history of rugby being played out on the Vineyard during the summers. We seemed to rekindled all that and next thing we knew we had a ton of players come out of the woodwork to play and practice. I loved it! All the guys that came out I really enjoyed being around. Guys who worked hard and played (in EVERY WAY!!) even harder. So after that summer I came home to go back to Quinnipiac College at the time and saw a poster up that the graduates of Southern RFC (still not sure if they even got their degrees) were starting a team in New Haven. Chet,
Grayson and Zuits picked me up for practice and the rest is history.

3. What is your greatest moment in rugby?

There have been a number however a few most notable: -Being named captain for NHRFC back in 95′. Maybe because no one really
wanted to captain of our losing side for a number of seasons, we had been kicked out of D1 back to D2, a number of guys “retired” (married and or just fagged off) and for 3 years were NOT invited to the NERFU tournament because we were at the bottom of D1. With all that said, that fall/spring I was captain we won most games in D2 and in the spring were invited back to the NERFU tournament and won the D2 Finals! In my  opinion that really jump started NHRFC’s climb back to the top. -Captain NHRFC 7′s side from about 95′-99′….so many great wins and fun times  -Playing against Harford 7′s in the Finals in Newport 7′s. We had practiced
together all summer and had way too much fun. Most of the guys now play with the Greys…full circle of rugby life…
-Hosting the Sweet Sixteen Championships at New Haven in 00′, 01′  -Being awarded the Bobby Chester award for the first time
-Being inducted into NHRFC Hall of Fame in 01′ -Getting to and playing in the Sweet Sixteens in 06, 07′ -Playing with mostly CT Grey RFC (we were a White Plains team tho) in Florida, at the Rugger Fest in 09′


4. What offices have your held in other clubs and what awards have you won with the grey and during what years?

All my officer positions were held with NHRFC and I held em’ all. From President to garbage picker upper after matches/practices. With young kids its been difficult for me to commit to a Grey RFC officer position.  Awards with the CT Grey RFC is Rookie of the Year 08′….luv that one!


5. What are some fond and funny moments you have had with the grey?

Are you kidding me??? I haven’t stop laughing since 86′!! Between NHRFC circus of clowns, Harford, CT Yankees and the Greys it’s really the best of times for me to be around all the guys and watch them make fun of each other on or off the pitch…and of course me when I get in the cross hairs. I have so many really really fond and funny moments most of which should not be in print. It really is one major reason why I just refuse to give up the game!

6. You are coaching the high school team in Madison. Can you tell us a bit about the club, how you got started  with them, and how they did this season?  How are you enjoying coaching?

Haaa..very good questions. It’s been exciting, rewarding at times and a huge eye opener for me. Madison RFC started about 3 years ago by Dave Cooper. They started off with a bang primarily because they had a ton of guys that were athletes that initially played. I was called to sub in for the coach this year who became ill. I then asked Bob Huscher to help me out when he could. Madison RFC did very well with the resources we had in players and skill. My goals based on what I saw in skill and athleticism were to teach
rugby basics, play safe simple rugby, win 50% of our matches and win our division in the CT Championships. In my opinion (and feedback from many) we accomplished teaching basic and some advanced rugby skills, no major injuries were incurred, we won 50% of our matches and we did get to the Finals of the CT High School Championships however lost to a very good
Danbury side. Enjoying coaching rugby is a relative term that I think all who have done it as a player/coach/captain or as a straight coach. Coaching all High School kids was not in my repertoire as a seasoned rugby veteran. I learned very quickly these kids come from a different world of growing up. Responsibility, commitment and accountability seem to have not been part of many of the kids daily routine. This was difficult for me to work with. It is just not part of my genetic make up to “give in” to the this cancerous
attitude…they are young men…not 10 year olds any more. And vice versa….the kids were not used to a rugby coach who has “done it all/gave it all, no matter what” in terms of our rugby life here in the US. So at the end of the day, yes I enjoyed most of the season.


7. What are some fundraising ideas you have for the grey?


Another good question….how about a wine tasting? It has worked very well for NHRFC the past 2 years.


8. What is the meaning of life?

And another good question…..I still don’t have a grip on that one……..

9. What are some things you would like to see the grey do more of and how would we accomplish it?

Jeez…these questions are getting hard.  More active recruiting in the men’s clubs. More awareness of our team so all the rugby community in CT knows about us in terms of playing/competition/drinking/good times and that good rugby can still happen
after 35…to accomplish this I think going to some of the their matches, having good communication/relationships with the teams/officers to be able to actively recruit the older guys and not let them slip into oblivion. Invite/host them at our games…maybe at Family Day. Emails/web/twitter/facebook..all this stuff will keep the Grey active with new recruits. Keep and or increase scheduling hard competitive matches.


10. If you were granted three wishes. What would you wish for and why?

1. Wish for 5 more wishes….for the obvious answer
2. Wish for $100,000,000….because money makes the world go round
3. Wish that my family and friends and the good people of earth lived and happy healthy life…because they deserve it!!

2nd set of wishes because the 1st wish was granted
1. Wish a immediate miserable death to the assholes of the world….and we know many….because they deserve it
2. Wish everyone played rugby till they died….because they should
3. Wish to relive all the moments question #5 asked…..because those memories are some of the best moment of my life
4. Wish to relive all my single days on the Vineyard….because I deserve it
5. Wish for my yellow lab Menemsha to be by my side for the rest of my living days….because we both deserve it!!

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