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Daryl’s Annual Rooftop Bash!

Daryl’s Annual Rooftop Bash!    
Saturday, July 9, 2011    
45 Bank Street, New London, CT
5PM/6PM – Hot dogs, hamburgers & beer (PLEASE bring a side if you can)
9PM/9:30PM – Fireworks
Any questions, call Daryl at 860-912-6094

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Battle of Berlin

Hello Everyone,

The Battle of Berlin is scheduled for Thurs night, Aug 18.  If you have not been before this is a great night of Rugby between New Haven and Hartford.  There is an admission to get in and the proceeds go to charity.  As well there is an after party at Rookies.  Please mark this in your calendars and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thanks, Mike

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Tom Roncaioli Golf Outing


CT Organ Transplant Golf Open




 Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011


At the exquisite and private


43 Heritage Drive, Avon – Farmington. CT

Shotgun Start at 1 pm, Scramble Format

This Fund Raiser is to Support Members of Team Connecticut
who are made up of Organ Transplant Recipients,

Living Donors, Donor Families and Supporters

to participate in the U.S. Transplant Games

and support local residents from our Give-Back Program

Cost is $150.00 per Golfer and
 18 Holes of Golf with Cart Includes:

Lunch before Tee-off

Full Dinner


Raffle Prizes

Gift Bag

Dinner Only, $50

Contact:Kari Payette


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Grey Updates

Fundraising Opportunity:

The Grey Yellow Pages is up and running .  If you want your company or business listed please send me the heading you want to go under, name of company, your name, phone number, and geographic area you cover.

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Grey Rugger Talk: Bill Bishop

1. What teams have you played for and during what years?
American School in London  1981
Fairfield Prep 1985
Providence College 1986-1989
Providence RFC 1990-1991
Syracuse RFC  1992-1993
Beacon Hill RFC 1993-1994
Amoskeag RFC 1997-2007
Memphis Blues RFC 2001-2002
Hartford Wanderers 2008-2009 
CT Grey  2002- present

2. What got you first started in rugby?
I lived in England for three years from 7th grade to 9th grade. My freshman year, my brother John was a senior on the team. There wasnt an american football team at our school and I missed it. I was a 95 lb scrumhalf but I quickly found out there was too much passing at that position.

3. What offices and awards have you had with the Grey and during what years?

I was vice captain in spring 2004 but stepped down to play the fall season with Amoskeag. I have been involved administratively with almost every club i have played for and the Grey have always had excellent administration. As for awards, I won Most Valuable Back in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

4. What is your greatest moment in rugby?
There are many but the first one that comes to mind is playing in the same game with my brother Bob and my son Tucker. Playing with my son came about six years earlier than expected and was a goal I had set many years before. Unfortunately, it was with Amoskeag OB against the Grey. I am still trying to get a copy of the team picture after.  Other moments include 1999 national playoff run with Amoskeag, getting into the Saranac Can-Am final with Boston in 2000, and making the the collegiate D2 Nerfu final in 1988 and qualifying to play national runner up Dartmouth the next week in the D1 Nerfu tournament.

5. What are some fond and funny moments you have had with the grey?
The tour to Ireland was a great time. The night of Cooley Whiskey Distellery tour saw a Grey player fondling the Molly Malone statue and being poured into a taxi with the name of the hotel pinned to his lapel; People dressing up in Dean’s clothes on the Barbados Tour; getting a black eye on the Barbados tour by pulling my driver out of my golf bag too hard.


6. You are very involved in high school rugby in Connecticut. Can you tell us how you got started in that and what you are doing now?
In 2005, the Cheshire U19 team was forming and Ed Robinson asked me to get involved. I had always wanted to coach and I was hoping to see a program established so my kids could play in high school like I did and so I could coach them if they decided to play. My son Tucker just completed his first year on team playing Hooker. In 2009, I helped create the CT State Based Organization as part of USA Rugby’s organizational strategy to grow the game. I started as VP and this year switched over to the new team laiason helping emerging programs get established. Four new teams started this year and Grey players Fino, Norbert ,Ed Carr and John Kerr were instrumental in those teams. There are currently 13 programs in the state and we hope to be at 20 next year.
7.  What are some goals you would like to see the grey accomplish in the next 5 years?
Definitely another two tours in the next five years. Maybe one to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil where Rugby 7′s will make its debut. A clubhouse and our own facility where all levels of rugby could play would be ideal if someone had a spare couple million. Continue to be a premier Old Boys club competitively,socially, in game development, and community involvement. 
The Grey have been very supportive of high school rugby in CT, donating to the State Tournament and having several members involved in coaching and reffing. What Morris RFC has done in terms of growing youth rugby in NJ is outstanding. I think they have 300-400 kids playing. I would like to see our club take an even greater role in growing the game. We are in the best position in the rugby community to do so given our experience, resources, and offspring. Hosting the high school game before our game on Family Day helped showcase what is great about rugby: all ages and levels enjoying the game in community atmosphere. We have a great opportunity to give back even more to the game. Our membership playing the game comes first, but I would like to see game development more deeply woven into our organizational mission.
8. Almost every year we do a theme at the AGM (crazy shirts, crazy pants, dress like Dean). What do you think the theme should be for this year?
Anything to get the membership to the meeting. Favorite team jersey, most obscure jersey, Chippendales outfits, I am all for it.

9. What Are some of your favorite grey outings?

Really what I enjoy most is having a couple beers at our home field after a hard game. Family Day is my favorite and kudos to Bubba, Jeff, Mac and everyone else that has helped run this event.

10. For scientific purposes only. If you had to mate outside your species which animal/aquatic life form would you copulate with and why?
I have always been fond of the large primates at the zoo as they remind me of the guys that win the backs ball (most of the time). Scientifically, Nova from Planet of Apes could qualify as outside of my species since the humans where more like animals and the apes were more like humans. Helping to reestablish the human species with vocal cords seems exciting to me. If that didnt work out, then probably Zira, Cornelius’s wife.




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Another Volunteer Opportunity


Would anyone be interested in helping us compile a list of the past club presidents, past mvps, and past captains as well as the years they were held?  We are doing this for our Wikipedia project and could use some additional help. 

This is a good opportunity to give back to the club and help the team out.  If you are interested please get back to me asap.


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Grey Yellowpages

Hello everyone,

On the Grey website we are going to be opening a page of businesses or business services that the Grey Family offers.  So if you have a business/service (plumbing, electrical, contractor, attorney, design, etc) you offer and would like us to put you up on the site then just send over the following (please do not send attachments with logos – we will not be able to put them up):

1. Type of Business/Service offered

2. You Name

3. contact Phone

4. geographic area you cater to

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Looking For a Volunteer

Hi everyone, we are looking for someone to help us out by taking on a web marketing project.  We are looking for someone to help the CT Grey get listed on Wikipedia.  This will take just a little time and we already have all the information for the Grey bio to be inserted.  If you are interested please contact me at

Thanks, Mike

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Lost and Found over the Season

If you are missing any of the following please contact Kevin Mac:
From Franconia – a  red 28qt cooler,
Family Day –  An Ozark Trail green chair, /  6ft. table
Worcester -  A grey scrum cap
Fall 2010 –  A black chair in a black bag
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West Hartford Blackhearts U19 Rugby

West Hartford Youth Rugby (U 19) Plays Inaugural Game

The newly formed West Hartford Black Hearts Youth Rugby Team played the first game in team history on Tuesday June 14th.  The team traveled to Simsbury to take on Simsbury High School in a 7′s match of 4 quarters.  Under cloudy, drizzly skies both teams showed up strong with West Hartford getting out to an early lead with the only score in the opening period.  The score was very tight through the first half with Simsbury putting in 2 quick tries towards the end of the second period.  Following the break Simsbury opened with a quick score, followed by 4 more tries.  Final score was Simsbury 7 tries to West Hartford 1 try.  Simsbury’s coaches remarked that for a brand new club West Hartford played well against the seasoned Simsbury players.  Both teams look forward to future games in both 7′s and traditional 15′s rugby.  For information on joining the West Hartford Youth Rugby team please contact:

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